Residential Programs – Outcome Studies
Between August 2003 and January 2006, Aspen Education Group participated in the nation’s first large-scale study of its kind, measuring the effectiveness of Aspen’s private residential programs for teens and their families. The study collected survey responses, both at program admission and then again at discharge, from 993 young people ages 13-18, enrolled in Aspen’s residential programs. The study also collected responses from their parents or guardians.

Aspen Achievement Academy

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“Your program saved her life”

“Thank you for helping him discover the joy of learning.”

“I greatly appreciate the kindness and devotion given by the staff.”

“I found the format of your program, and especially the Wilderness Program, to be extremely beneficial in providing a foundation of communication and growth for my son and myself.”

“I regret the year wasted with local professionals – I celebrate finding Aspen.”

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