Sure, private secondary schools sound great – amazing resources, qualified staff and experienced faculty; caring communities, learning specialists, skilled counselors, a chance for your teen to turn things around…But who can afford to give their child that kind of opportunity – especially with college tuition looming on the horizon?

As it turns out, more people than you might think, thanks to a growing number of private secondary school student loan programs designed specifically to help parents provide private secondary education for teens struggling with emotional, behavioral or academic issues.

Thanks to appealingly low interest rates, these loans are specifically designed to offer terms most families can manage. As a result, a growing number of parents are discovering that they can give their teen the gift of a private secondary education (in the form of a wilderness therapy or residential treatment program or a boarding school program) for about the same cost as a monthly car payment.

Put in those terms, more and more parents are seizing the opportunity to give their child the help he or she needs. After all, with their singular focus on helping struggling teens develop the skills, resources, and knowledge to enjoy both personal and academic success, private boarding, wilderness, and residential treatment programs are essentially one of the most valuable investments a parent can make.

But can you really balance the cost of secondary education with the need to save for college tuition? Yes, if you take advantage of education loans that offer affordable interest rates and allow you to spread the costs over a reasonable amount of time – in some cases as many as ten or even fifteen years.

By using these new loan programs, you’ll be able to give your teen the help they need to overcome their immediate crisis without sacrificing the financial well-being of your family to do so. Better yet, being able to provide this kind of help for your child also means you’re increasing their chances of enjoying a successful college career – without breaking the bank!

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