Vacation jobs aren’t the only option for high school students these days. As well as teen-centered summer camps and summer schools (both of which are enjoying rising popularity), teens who have struggled with behavioral, academic or emotional challenges during the academic year have some additional – and very effective – options:

Summer Schools for Teens
As well as the academic summer programs most likely offered at your local schools, residential summer schools are another effective and popular alternative for teens who experienced academic difficulty during the school year. Depending upon your child’s particular situation, residential summer schools can provide specialized learning skills support tailored to help students coping with ADD, ADHD and other challenges, while others may offer highly specialized educational opportunities designed to help students sharpen their skills in a particular area like science, math or a foreign language.

Wilderness Therapy Programs
If you know your child has been engaging in risky or troubling behaviors or you have been unsuccessful in your efforts to help your child overcome these issues during the school year, it might be time to consider a therapeutic wilderness program. Unlike a general summer camp, wilderness therapy programs use outdoor experiences like camping and orienteering to help troubled teens confront and work through issues ranging from substance abuse to more severe behavioral problems. If you’ve spent most of the school year waiting for your teen to turn things around (or hoping that he/she will), it’s worth investigating wilderness therapy programs with qualified, experienced counselors and staff.

Summer Camps for Teens
If your child enjoyed a relatively successful academic year but you’re concerned about the freedom and lack of routine summer vacation affords, a summer camp designed especially for teens might just be the answer. More and more parents are enrolling their teens in day and residential camps because of the consistent daily structure, guidance and supervision they afford. What’s more, the camps are becoming more and more popular among teens because most provide experiences and opportunities not available at home or during the school year. From kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking and other outdoor experiences to music, cooking and fine arts, teens have the opportunity to discover or build on their interests and skills in an environment that helps them focus their energies in positive and constructive ways.

Looking Ahead: If your teen has fallen significantly behind in school this year or you’ve enrolled your child in summer programs in the past and they haven’t had much impact, you might want to think about a residential boarding school with rolling admission. See how Rolling Admissions Get Teens on Track through the Summer for more!