The Latest Clinically Proven Summer Camps Change the Face of Weight Loss

For decades, parents frustrated with their children’s weight have sent them for a summer away to “fat camp” to melt off the pounds with other children with weight issues. Many parents see these fat camps as an avenue to help their children lose weight and gain self esteem.

Traditionally, fat camps decrease the intake of food that campers eat while dramatically increasing the activity levels of their mostly sedentary population. What these fat caps see are obvious results of significant decreases in weight.

What is less spoken about in the fat camp community is what happens when the summer ends and campers return to their home environments. More often then not, weight regain occurs and campers are encouraged to attend fat camp for another summer.

Attempting to break the cycle created by fat camps, Wellspring Camps designed a scientifically based program with hopes for campers to acquire skills to provide long-term weight control.

With a scientific advisory board consisting of the leading researchers and practitioners in the field of obesity as well as year-round staff, Wellspring Camps are changing the face of fat camps.

A main difference between Wellspring and other weight loss camps is the focus on behavioral change. At Wellspring Camps, campers are paired up with a Behavioral Coach who guides each camper through the complicated path of weight control. A camper’s Behavioral Coach becomes their touchstone through this process and campers keep in touch with their Coach for three months after camp is completed.

A focus on addressing and changing behaviors is a concept that fat caps have not addressed in the past. Wellspring Camps have seen amazing – and most importantly permanent changes happen through their unique approach. Wellspring Camps are changing the once impossible notion that permanent weight loss can be achieved, and that marks the end of fat camp.