Most likely you are frustrated, even exhausted, by your struggle to help your child. You may have deep concerns about your child’s future. You want an answer that will give you and your family hope. You want the most for your child – academic progress, personal success, and ultimately, a happy and productive life.

Aspen’s focus is on both the child and the family. We understand the challenges you face when struggling with an underachieving or troubled child. Our schools and programs assess your child’s issues, develop individualized approaches to deal with those issues, and offer wonderful tools that help us meet our overriding goal: to enrich the lives of youth and makes families whole again.

<p >We surveyed over 2,800 parents with students enrolled in Aspen’s schools and programs and asked them why they ultimately chose an Aspen school. These were their top reasons for choosing Aspen:

    <li >Therapy component<li >Educational curriculum<li >Program best fit what their child needed<li >Program’s commitment to communication with parents<li >Substance abuse component<li >Ability to monitor their child’s progress online through ParentCheckin

You are not alone. The educators, therapists, and other dedicated staff of Aspen’s programs will help you and your child rediscover a future full of possibilities. As a parent, you want to make sure the program is the right fit for YOUR child. Aspen offers a range of specialized programs that address a wide variety of behavioral, academic, and emotional needs. This gives you access to a customized educational and therapeutic continuum of care to address the specific needs of YOUR child.

While your student is enrolled, you will have a secure website, ParentCheckin, where you can log in and see photos of your child and read progress reports and academic updates. You will also be enrolled in FamilyIQ, a wonderful online community that strives to improve family relationships through courses and discussions.

We invite you to take our online assessment test to see if an Aspen program would be right for your child.

We also offer a secure, online application for admission to Aspen’s schools. By filling out this application, our admissions counselors can determine the best fit for your child.