Many families choose to secure the services of an Educational Consultant when investigating educational or clinical placements for their child. While a highly personal decision, like choosing a therapist or a medical doctor, the right Educational Consultant can provide both short and long term case management and support for your family. An Educational Consultant can be a great resource when creating a continuum of care and providing your loved one the support they deserve. Educational Consultants partner with a family and serve as a resource, a sounding board, and an advocate for your needs and the needs of your child, both while your child is enrolled in a program, and beyond.

Educational Consultants are independent; they work for the family, not for a specific program or organization, and their job is to help you secure the best possible care and treatment. The key roles of an Educational Consultant are to complete an objective assessment and formulate an educational or therapeutic intervention that supports the needs of the family. An Educational Consultant who is experienced and competent can increase the odds that the first choice of a school or program will be the right choice, helping to avoid additional failures for the child which may also result in incurring a greater financial burden for the family.

An Educational Consultant’s ability to coordinate multiple resources, as well as track your child through multiple levels of treatment, recovery, and even traditional education means that transitions are well supported. These professionals are well informed about a wide variety of programs, services, after-care supports, community resources, and post-treatment placements. All Educational Consultants travel extensively in order to maintain a firsthand knowledge of schools and programs. Some Educational Consultants interface with clients remotely, while others carry out the bulk of their work right in their own communities.

Just as there are many avenues to success, there are many styles of supporting a family. Our admissions staff or trained clinicians can help connect you with resources for finding an Educational Consultant. We look forward to your call.

- Aspen Education Group

Educational Consultant FAQ