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When does a parent need to seek help outside the home to deal with a child’s behavior?

Would you describe your child with any of these words?


Parents who find themselves using these types of words to describe the basic behavior of their children often feel frustrated and confused. How could the child’s behavior get so out of control? What can they do now that the situation seems desperate?

Many resources are available to parents of children or adolescents with out-of-control behavior. Therapists who specialize in child behavior can help parents decide a course of treatment, which may include talk therapy, experiential therapy, and in certain situations, medication . In cases where the child’s behavior has gone beyond a few sessions of therapy, many parents find that residential programs are the most effective.

Short-term programs such as outdoor education / therapeutic wilderness experiences can be highly effective with younger children and teenagers. These highly experiential programs teach primitive wilderness skills, responsibility, the consequences of negative behavior, and help the child work through levels that improve self-esteem and self-confidence.

If the child’s behavior has been allowed to deteriorate over a long period of time, a longer program may be necessary in addition to (or in lieu of) the short-term wilderness program. Therapeutic boarding schools that emphasize emotional growth as well as academics can help turn around the behavior of a troubled child or teenager. Children with learning disabilities greatly benefit from the individualized academic attention they receive in these schools.

Any parent who feels the behavior of their child is out of control, and that the child is heading down a destructive path, can research the various therapeutic options available to intervene and get their troubled teen back on track.

Aspen Education Group has a number of programs that can help pre-adolescent and adolescent children who have self-defeating behaviors. These intensive programs can quickly narrow down the issues your child is experiencing to help him or her on a positive life path.

Turnabout Ranch has a unique behavior modification program that promotes and achieves needed changes in the lives of struggling youth. The program objectives are facilitated through the environment of an historic, real life, cow and horse ranch. Traditional standards are not only taught but practiced. Talk to a program representative for more information.

SUWS of the Carolinas is a therapeutic camping program with a focus on clinical intervention and assessment. The program uses the outdoors as an alternative to conventional treatment environments, while engaging students using therapeutic methods. Talk to a program representative for more information.

Our Assessment Test can help you determine if a residential program might be best for your particular child.