What is Aspen Education Group?

Aspen Education Group is an organization that is committed to improving the quality of life for youth and their families. Headquartered in Cerritos, California, Aspen’s programs have been providing innovative quality educational and therapeutic services since 1981.

What is the mission of the Aspen Education Group?

Aspen provides educational programs that promote academic and personal growth to youth and their families with the foundation of our success built upon quality, integrity, and dependability.

What types of kids come to Aspen?

Aspen provides educational and therapeutic services primarily to youth, young adults and their families who are dealing with academic and behavioral issues. Students typically exhibit poor school performance, oppositional and defiant behavior; they may have trouble with authority figures, or they show lack of motivation and low self-esteem. Some of our parents voice concerns about the types of friends their children are choosing, alcohol use; dropping grades, skipping school, depression, and other problematic behaviors. Many of these teens are bright and capable, but they are performing poorly in school and dropping out of extracurricular activities. These kids often have become master manipulators, making it difficult for parents to find ways to change their behavior without some type of outside intervention.

How do I know if my child needs help?

At Aspen Education Group we are committed to helping our parents find the best possible answers for their child. Parents are able to request information through our Aspen website “Contact Us”. You can also speak directly to an admissions counselor by calling our toll free number at (888) 97-ASPEN (972-7736). On our Aspen web site, parents also have an opportunity to complete a Placement Questionnaire online that will provide parents with feedback about their child’s behavior. This questionnaire will also help our Admissions Counselors determine which Aspen program will best meet your child’s behavioral and academic needs.

I am not sure which program would be best. Can I apply for more than one program?

Yes. On our main Aspen web site, our online application will assist you with your admissions process. By completing this universal application parents are able to apply for more than one program by simply submitting the application to our Aspen admissions counselors.

How do I apply for admission?

Parents are able to apply for any program by completing an online application directly on a specific program site or by completing an application on our AEG web site. You can also contact our individual programs to request information to be mailed to you.

Will Insurance cover the cost of the programs?

Many of our programs offer assistance to families seeking reimbursement from their insurance carrier. Parents are encouraged to contact our programs directly to inquire about insurance assistance.

Does Aspen Education Group offer financial assistance?

Aspen Education Group can assist you in obtaining a student loan. Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

What happens when my child completes a program?

Aspen Education Group is interested in the continued success of our graduates and each program offers discharge planning throughout your child’s treatment. Often times we are able to combine programs into one global treatment plan that is designed to meet both short-term and long-term behavioral and academic goals.

What programs are available through Aspen Education Group?

We have boarding schools and residential treatment, wilderness therapy programs, and weight loss camps and programs.

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