Aspen Education Group is recognized worldwide as the leading provider of therapeutic schools, outdoor education and weight loss programs that promote personal growth for struggling students. Families with a child experiencing a difficult time at home, school and in life, can find the help and hope they are searching for at an Aspen program.

Aspen understands that students struggling with emotional and behavioral issues need more personal, structured attention than can be found at a traditional boarding school or summer camp. Through a unique combination of education, therapy, and experiential learning, Aspen helps students from around the world:

  • Develop the skills, self-esteem and confidence they need to succeed in life
  • Learn to take personal responsibility and achieve their potential
  • Create healthy relationships and reunite with their families

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With over 30 programs in the United States and United Kingdom, Aspen can help you find the program that will best meet your child’s unique academic and personal needs. Our services are offered year-round and range from short-term interventions to longer-term residential programs. Learn more about Aspen’s college-preparatory boarding schools, outdoor education programs and camps, weight loss programs, and drug and alcohol treatment programs for young adults. *English proficiency is required for students and families to participate and succeed in Aspen’s programs.
Approved Schools for International Students. Student Visa Required. (I-17 approved)

Aspen’s therapeutic residential schools and programs provide students with the necessary support, structure and personal attention to achieve positive, sustained change. Students experience the benefits of a traditional academic environment while receiving individualized learning, emotional, and therapeutic support. A sense of community and teamwork is fostered through strong recreational and activity programs, including arts, sports, and community service. The primary goal is to help students develop positive self-esteem and healthy family relationships.

Academy at Swift River
Cummington , Massachusetts
00 + 1 + 413.634.0307
New England college prep, co-ed, ages 14-17.5

Copper Canyon Academy
Rimrock, Arizona
00 + 1 + 928.567.1322
College prep, equine therapy, all-girls, ages 13-17

Oakley School
Oakley, Utah
00 + 1 + 435.783.5001
College prep, experiential learning, co-ed, ages 13-18

Stone Mountain School
Black Mountain, North Carolina
00 + 1 + 828.669.8639
Outdoor activities, ADHD/LD focus, all-boys, ages 11-16 at time of enrollment

These Programs Accept International Youth and Young Adults. Length of Stay Six Months or Less. Visitor Visa (B-2) Required.

Youth Care
Draper, Utah
00 + 1 + 801.572.6989
Treatment in home-like setting, co-ed, ages 11-18

These Programs Accept International Youth and Young Adults. Length of Stay Six Months or Less. Visitor Visa (B-2) Required.

Aspen’s outdoor education programs are short-term, high-impact programs that combine traditional therapy with inspiring wilderness experiences. Nature provides students with the necessary time and space for reflection and insight. Aspen’s therapists and counselors skillfully guide teens to develop self-understanding, self-reliance, and self-respect. Removed from the distractions of modern teenage life, students redefine their relationships with their family and friends and rediscover hope for the future.

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions
Saranac Lake, New York
00 + 1 + 518.897.5011
Leadership development, co-ed, ages 13-17

Four Circles Recovery Center
Horse Shoe, North Carolina
00 + 1 + 828.891.2221
12 Step substance abuse recovery, co-ed, ages 18-28

SUWS Adolescent Program
Shoshone, Idaho

00 + 1 + 201.886.2565
Individual treatment plans, co-ed, ages 14-17

SUWS of the Carolinas
Old Fort, North Carolina
00 + 1 + 828.668.7590
Clinical level therapy, co-ed, ages 13-17

SUWS Seasons
Old Fort, North Carolina
00 + 1 + 828.668.7590
Goals-based system, co-ed, ages 11-13
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SUWS Youth Program
Shoshone, Idaho
00 + 1 + 201.886.2565
Llamas as therapeutic support, co-ed, ages 11-13