Parents Often Wait Until They’re Desperate Before Seeking Help for Their Troubled Teen

Eugene O’Neill called it “A Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” The nightmare of living with drug abuse or alcoholism is like that for family members. Most parents with a teenager who is out of control stay in the nightmare for too long before they finally seek help. Most wait until the situation is completely desperate before using a residential therapy program. Their own lives become completely disrupted and they are in constant conflict with their child. They live in fear of things like HIV infections, drug overdoses, automobile accidents, unwanted pregnancies, and incarcerations. By the time they act, they are usually afraid for their child’s life.

A mother talked about her fears for her fourteen-year-old son:

Drugs are ruining my son’s life. I am past being mad about it. I am heart-broken. I have a constant deep empty pain in my chest. I cried the night he was arrested and I have cried buckets ever since.

A father of a young teenaged girl allows himself to think the unthinkable:

I was surprised when I found you and your boyfriend in bed with a bottle of gin. I knew the day would come sooner or later but not at thirteen years old. I am aware of all the boys coming in and out of our house and I am afraid to think about where you are getting the money for your drug habit. That I can even consider that is impossible to me.

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