The Most Addictive Types of Video Games

All drugs are not created equally. Some drugs can give a momentary buzz, while others will provide a euphoric high of which one can hardly ever get enough. The latter is usually the more addictive substance. So it can be said that not all video games are equally addictive.

With the advent of new and better technologies, video game companies have become endowed with greater abilities to create deeper, more epic, more socially interactive, and thus more addicting games. Whereas the first-generation games previously consisted of a one block bouncing back and forth between two other blocks, modern video games have become massive productions on the visual scale of most action movies. Many video games released today have better box office openings than even the biggest Hollywood blockbusters. Video games are surely a new media force with which to be reckoned.

Video Games

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Dad’s Role in Teen Drug Use

Few parents fully understand the power that they wield in keeping their children alcohol and drug free. Dads, in particular, tend to “disengage” themselves from the family picture, absorbing themselves in work and leaving family dinners, school functions and outings largely to Mom.

But consider this: Teens in a two-parent family are 68 percent more likely than other teens in a similar family configuration to use drugs and alcohol if the relationship with Dad is perceived by the child to be “fair” or “poor.” Even those teens living in a single parent household with Mom fare better in abstaining from substances if the parent-child relationship is good.

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