Tips for Raising Healthy, Drug-Free Teenagers

Parents and other family members have an enormous effect on the emotional health of teenagers. The teenage years are normally challenging even when kids are raised in well-adjusted, communicative families that foster honesty and a healthy self-esteem. Teenagers naturally struggle with issues of self-identity and rebellion, burgeoning sexuality, fluctuating hormones, and evolving brain function. The more educated parents are about what is happening to their teenagers, the easier it will be to handle any problems that may arise, particularly drug and alcohol abuse.

For many kids, drug and alcohol use is a fact of life in their teen years. It is one of the ways they express their individuality, daring, curiosity, and rebellion. The most effective and most important skill parents can have to help their teenagers steer clear of drug and alcohol abuse is COMMUNICATION. In fact, lack of communication skills is the number one reason why teenagers initially turn to drugs and alcohol. If your family has difficulty communicating, your teenager is at risk!

There are things you can do to help keep your teenagers off drugs. Read our tips on how you can raise drug-free teens >>

The Edison Gene

Are you frustrated by the way traditional schools work with your child who has ADHD?

Would you like to find a school that can effectively address your child’s educational and social needs?

Turn-About Ranch

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It’s That Time Again – Choosing a Summer Camp

According to the American Camping Association, summer camps give kids a chance to develop their independence as well as learn to be part of a group. Camp also provides opportunities for children to build self-confidence, make personal discoveries, and grow emotionally. Depending on your child’s needs, you can choose from camps that are more sports or academically oriented, to camps for kids with ADHD or other learning disabilities, to camps just for boys or just for girls.

Once you decide that your child is old enough and ready for camp, get started on choosing one right away. Over the past several years, the number of children wanting to attend camp has exceeded the openings, so don’t wait too long or you’ll miss out! By March, many camps are already fully reserved and taking names for a waiting list.

If you have a teenager who is experiencing behavioral problems and you’re wondering what do with him or her this summer, a therapeutic wilderness program may be a terrific alternative to traditional summer camp. Outdoor programs emphasize responsibility, self-examination, and the learning of positive skills in a unique experience that can be described as a “rite of passage.” The impact of these programs help troubled or behaviorally challenged teens experience success and develop healthy self-esteem which enables them to turn their lives around.

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