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MySpace Agrees to Safeguard Teens and Kids on Its Website

The following is the story of a criminal case pending in Queens, New York.

According to prosecutors, in late 2006 two girls met on MySpace. Sophie Soto told her new teenage friend that she was an 18-year-old lesbian who was thinking about having sex with a boy, but she was very nervous about it and needed her support. In January 2006, Soto’s MySpace friend along with a second teenager agreed to come to Soto’s apartment to support her. Both girls were under age 15 years. Soto was actually 22.

Prosecutors say Soto and her husband got the girls drunk and sexually assaulted them, then later took them to a Manhattan strip club and had them dance on the stage.

According to District Attorney Richard Brown, “The consequences of the alleged sexual assaults for the victims are profound and can well result in emotional trauma from which they may never recover.”

The Sotos were indicted January 12, 2008, on fifty-six counts, including rape, sexual abuse, and using a child for a sexual performance. If convicted, they could get fifteen years in prison.

The Soto case is every parent’s nightmare, but it is also a potential legal morass for social network websites like MySpace and Facebook. MySpace has about 70 million users, with over 80,000 added every day. Facebook claims 61 million.

Teenagers and college students register on these websites and create profiles that often include their names, ages, pictures, geographic locations, schools, hobbies, diaries, and other personal information. They allow their friends to have access to all this information, and communicate with one another, often several times a day, through emails, announcements, diaries, and instant messages. A profile that is set to “private” is available only to those people the person on MySpace designates as “friends.” Anyone on the Internet can view “public” profiles.

Since millions of profiles are public and available on search engines like Google, sexual predators can easily access them. By posing as a teen or college student, a pedophile can often locate a child, especially if the child posts news about school or sports events.

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Most Parents Know About Teen’s Substance Use

What you don’t know may hurt you, but most parents do know about the extent of their children’s substance use, according to recent research from the University at Buffalo’s Research Institute on Addictions. In this study, 75 parents and their teens (average age of 16) were interviewed separately about the extent to which the teens were using cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drugs. 86 percent of parents accurately reported both the presence and the amount of cigarette, alcohol and marijuana use by their children; reports of other teen drug use besides marijuana were less accurate at 72 percent.

Those parents who were less aware of their teens’ substance use were parents of young teens (under 16), parents who less frequently monitored their child’s whereabouts and friendships, and parents who had significant problems of their own, such as depression, increased stress, or regularly/heavily using alcohol.

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