Teens Enticed by Herbal Substances

In today’s high-tech world, consumers who are wary of purchasing overly processed, chemical-enhanced products often look for certain words that they believe indicate increased levels of safety and healthfulness – words like natural, organic, eco-friendly, and herbal.

When it comes to medications and supplements, though, equating herbal with harmless can be a dangerous thing to do.

Enticing to Teens
Teens may be attracted to herbal supplements for a variety of reasons. The drugs can be relatively easy to acquire, they are not illegal, and they appear to promise significant (and safe) results. Hundreds of retail outlets (both online and traditional “brick and mortar” versions) promote herbal supplements as means of strengthening one’s immune system, enhancing concentration, easing stress, boosting energy levels, and improving heart health.

Of course, not every teen who uses herbal drugs is doing so for health-based reasons. In some cases, the substances may offer a “high” that rivals the impact of illegal substances such as LSD or Ecstasy. But even in these cases, ease of acquisition, supposed safety, and legality can be persuasive enticements. One website that sells herbal supplements informs potential customers on its main page that “our objective is to decrease the use of illicit drugs by providing you a safe herbal high … as well as preventing you from any altercation with the law.”

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