Listen to parents speak about the issues and concerns they had when trying to decide how to handle the crisis with their adolescents. All of these parents sent their children to an Aspen Education Group school or program.

If you are unable to view video, you can download a printed pdf transcript of the videos here.

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“Ill Miss Her/Him” (Windows Media)
“I’ll Miss Her/Him” (Real Player)

“People ask, ‘Aren’t you going to miss her?’ I miss her the way she used to be; I don’t miss what she became….the relief when I go to bed every night, knowing she is safe, is worth her being away.”

“They’ll Hate Me” (Windows Media)
“They’ll Hate Me” (Real Player)

“In my case, we were skidding around the middle, then suddenly you fall off the edge…you’re scared…you think they’re going to hate you…I was scared to death she was going to hate me forever.”

Beyond Guilt (Windows Media)
Beyond Guilt (Real Player)

“Guilt is the number one [issue]…you blame yourself for making mistakes…you see your friends, and their daughter’s not going to have to leave, they’re doing quite well. What did you do wrong?”

“Can I Afford It?” (Windows Media)
“Can I Afford It?” (Real Player)

“[You get to the point where you say] I don’t care what I have to do. I am going to get them the help they need. And suddenly the money doesn’t matter….It was worth every penny.”

“The Hardest Decision Ever” (Windows Media)
“The Hardest Decision Ever” (Real Player)

“It was very tough doing it, sending her away…[at first I said] ‘I can’t do it.’ But then as things got worse and worse, and as everything we tried did not work, we reached the point where [we realized] we’ve tried everything else…It was a hard battle…but we did it..”

“It’s Much Worse Than Your Think” (Windows Media)
“It’s Much Worse Than You Think” (Real Player)

“In most cases your kid is much worse than you think…you typically make excuses for your child because you love them…because the idea of parting from your child is so abhorrent to every parent, you tend to jump at short-term band-aid fixes. It’s not going to be enough….Accept the fact that it’s bigger than you can deal with…You think you’re in pain? These kids are in much worse pain. They are suffering.”

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