Aspen Achievement Academy Testimonials

Aspen Achievement Academy

I am writing to thank you and the Aspen staff one more time for healing our family. It has been a year to the day that we delivered our daughter to Loa, to be enrolled in the Aspen Achievement Academy. We brought to you a young women without much hope for a future. We delivered her in handcuffs with her pleading to never speak to us again and she was going to hate us forever for bringing her to the Aspen program. We left her with your staff broken hearted and hoping that this would be the program that would help her find the sweet happy person she used to be before a rape and drugs stole her soul. Thanks to you and you excellent staff our daughter was safely detoxified and gently encouraged to work with your program. Our daughter loved the wilderness experience from the second week and still comments on the progress and good friends that she made there. My husband and I were so happy to get her letters thanking us for sending her to Aspen and telling of her love for us. She has often told us that our intervention and your program saved her life. We give all of our thanks, best wishes, and respect to the entire staff at Aspen. The outstanding service that they provide in such a loving way is a true blessing to families like ours. We are made whole again. Our expectations from the Aspen program were definitely exceeded. Thank you for giving our family a second chance by your fine program.

Aspen Achievement Academy

Thank you for your help in changing our son’s life. It has been 4 months since we returned from our son’s graduation and I wanted to let you know about his incredible progress. Our son is now enrolled in a small private high school with 2-6 students per class. He has an “A” average. His teachers all know him and his interests. This is a complete turn-around from the last year, and for that matter, his history in the educational system. Thank you for helping him discover the joy of learning. Our son will graduate at the end of the summer and intends to join the Navy. I believe the Aspen experience will serve him well for that journey as well as the rest of his life. Thank you so much for the work that you do every day… You do make a difference!

Aspen Achievement Academy

Dear Aspen Achievement Academy:

In an attempt to fall asleep tonight, I began to think back on some things and remembered the summer of 1994. I was in group #214 that year and I have no idea if the people who were there to help me then are still influencing others now. I thought about the values and the other aspects of life that were taught to me on the 52 day adventure.

I was writing to let you know that I greatly appreciate the kindness and devotion given by the staff. I hope that whomever receives this letter can pass on my thanks to the staff that remembers me.

I was sent to boarding school in Connecticut after the program, where I graduated this past summer. Graduation day was exactly two years from the day I flew to Salt Lake City to go to Aspen. At school in Connecticut, I took up rowing and volleyball again. I chose to come home for college and am presently attending UC Berkeley where I just received a small scholarship for crew. I was also accepted at Cornell University in New York but it is too cold there! Anyhow, I remember being asked to write and tell everyone how I was doing and this is the first time I have written since leaving the huge city of Bicknell. I hope you enjoyed my letter and as you can see, you must have done something right with me. Thank you greatly for all of your help.

Aspen Achievement Academy

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude for all that your program and staff has done for my son D. and myself. I found the format of your program, and especially the Wilderness Program, to be extremely beneficial in providing a foundation of communication and growth for my son and myself. I was impressed with the manner in which I was involved in the graduation exercises and activities. I was also very impressed with the staff. D’s therapist kept me very well informed as to D’s progress while he was in the program, as well as devoting a very generous amount of her time and attention to D’s treatment. She made my son and I feel that we were her top priority, even though I know that she is involved with other families to which I’m sure that she made feel the same way. The Aspen Achievement Academy are indeed a credit to the concept of youth and family therapy.

Thank you again for helping me to have the relationship with my son that I never thought was possible.

Aspen Achievement Academy

Good afternoon,

Although it has been almost a year since my daughter Samantha participated in Aspen’s program, Aspen is still in our thoughts.

Leading up to my decision to send Samantha to Aspen were visits from the police, a couple of trips to the hospital, three tries with mental health facilities, untold trips to mental health professionals both for Samantha and our family, and about a million parent/teacher conferences. Primarily of concern was Samantha’s rapidly deteriorating self-esteem. Her grades spiraled downward right along with her self-esteem. After a year of pain without resolution I found Aspen and hope.

I cannot convey to you the grief I felt when I put my child on the plane to Aspen. But, I could not conceive keeping her home – the next ambulance ride might have been the last. I believe Samantha would not be here today if I had not put her on that plane.

Samantha is home now. She plans to go back to school this fall. I see no signs of drug use, no disrespect toward me, and no blue-light red-light “excitement.” We do not have all our problems worked out, but our primary concern has been eliminated: Samantha’s self-esteem is rapidly escalating.

Aspen employees are extremely responsive professionals providing weekly updates about my child’s progress, hands-on education, excellent way of reuniting with family, and follow-up calls. I did not have to go through this alone. I regret the year wasted with local professionals – I celebrate finding Aspen.

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