Aspen Ranch Testimonials

Aspen Ranch

Our son was referred to Aspen Ranch as a severe chemically dependent (advanced stages) adolescent. There were times that I never expected to see him again because of his addiction, defiance, hostility, and anger. Following eight months at Aspen Ranch, however, we are again functioning as a family. Not only has our son returned actively and diligently pursuing his own recovery, he returned as a respectful, cooperative, and responsible young man. I prayed for miracles and miracles happened at Aspen Ranch.

Aspen Ranch

Just a short note to let you know how much we appreciate all that you have done for our son, S. He is living at home, doing very well, he is happy, adjusted and doing all the right things. S. is working full time-at a local hardware store and enjoys his job very much. He hangs out with a few select positive friends and is working on an old car. He bought a 72 Mercury Monarch for 150.00; his first priority was to install a good radio and speakers. Now he is getting the car ready for Inspection, then finally have the car painted. This summer S. is planning to attend the community college. As you can tell S. is quite busy, he’s happy, enjoys life and is making good choices for himself.

We want to thank everyone- at Aspen Ranch who has made a lasting impression on S. To his dedicated therapist, who gave S. the skills to overcome his obstacles. To all his teachers who helped S. achieve academic success and build self esteem and prepared him to go to high school; and to all the staff members who nurtured him and worked so hard to give him the ability to survive in this world.

For the brief time S. was at Aspen Ranch, now he has come home, a winner, a survivor, with a brighter future for himself. Thank you again for all. your support, kindness and dedication to our son.

We are very grateful.

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