Therapeutic Boarding School

Therapeutic boarding schools offer a unique and powerful combination of academics and therapy for students who are struggling with behavior that is impacting school and family life. Students participate in individual and group therapy while continuing with a college preparatory curriculum. Students undergo psychological testing to facilitate an individualized therapeutic plan. Many of our therapeutic boarding schools offer accelerated academics; this gives students who may have failed courses in the past an opportunity to catch up on credits, sometimes gaining a year’s worth of credits in a semester. Therapeutic boarding schools traditionally have a rolling admissions policy so that struggling teens can enroll at any time during the year.

Just as with traditional boarding school programs, students are expected to adhere to school rules and policies, and to make a personal commitment to contribute positively to campus life. The difference is that at therapeutic boarding schools, troubled students receive continuous support through experiential learning exercises which help develop a more positive sense of self, and improve decision making, problem solving, and interpersonal skills.

The Academy at Swift River is a therapeutic boarding school that offers traditional college preparatory academics based on New England traditions. Swift River fosters personal growth and healthy self-expression in adolescents, inspires academic excellence, and teaches individual responsibility and service to others. Students participate in Focus Groups, and complete an extensive four-part series of academic, social, personal growth, and family seminars. Students are challenged on a daily basis to raise their standards of academic and personal growth, to receive positive peer/faculty reinforcement, and to identify and develop their true self as it relates to peers, family, and community.

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